So, where can one taste wonderful European and Greek cuisine? Cafe-bar «Olimp» will perfectly cope with this task.

The first thing to pay attention to is a cozy and very simple atmosphere. The laconic style of the room is specially maintained, tables and chairs are simple. The most common style of Greek spots-to-eat. A special place, of course, was given to a wood stove. The most delicious pizza on fire, for the preparation of which you can observe, is cooked here. Fragrant pizza with a thin roasted cake and a large amount of stuffing will definitely become your favorite choosing a quick and delicious bite. Excellent meat, fish and vegetables in tandoor are cooked quickly and get juicy – this is an excellent variant for events of any character. For dinner-hours «Olimp» will please you with real red borsch, in rye bread, with pork ribs, with sour cream and spicy pepper. As well as a large selection of snacks and salads for a light lunch. And the final dish of the table to get pleasant flavors – sweet delicacies. By the way, all these culinary masterpieces are created by the chef from Odessa.

«Olimp» is a place where you not only have a good rest, but also get gourmet pleasure from the cuisine.

Address: 44, Verhnotorgova str., Izmail
Phone number: +38097123 4234.