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Dip into the cultural world of Bessarabia, fill yourself with new impressions! The magical nature of the Danube region with a unique bright national color, marvelous traditions, cuisine, wine and fun – all this awaits you in the south of Ukraine, in the city of Izmail.


Enjoy nature!

Parks, reserves and the magical nature of the Danube river will not leave anyone indifferent. Sakura, chestnuts, paulownias, cercis, Crimean pines – all this can be seen in Izmail! Rare species of animals, the unique nature of the Danube region will give unforgettable impressions.

Taste the exquisite colorful cuisine of Bessarabia!

Bessarabian cuisine is infinitely diverse and very distinctive. This is a cuisine of the Odessa region with exquisite seafood, incredible taste of Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Bulgarian, Moldavian, cuisines. The best wines of Ukraine, made according to national recipes, will appeal to even the most severe critics.

Izmail is a bright, distinctive historical center of southern Bessarabia. This is a place where the traditions of the ancestors have been preserved, where multinationality has become the hallmark, because only here you can find such an extraordinary penetration of cultures and traditions. Izmail is famous for its history, its nature and traditions. Here you can see folk festivals of Ukrainians, Moldovans and Bulgarians, taste Ukrainian borscht, Moldavian hominy with lamb, Bulgarian Milin and Dolma, taste natural Bessarabian wine.

Izmail is a modern city with a long history. Traveling, you can visit the places of the historical battle for the Izmail fortress, see the monuments of architecture and objects of art from different eras, visit the gardens, parks, embankments.

Ukraine is an unexpected, interesting, unpredictable and colorful country. Ukraine is the color of cultures, food, people from remote nooks of settlements and large cities, which are filled with talent to live and be happy thanks to simple things.

Narcissus valleys, saffron glades, alley sakura, chestnuts, mysterious forests and mountains, the Ukrainian world, full of magical atmosphere, elements of different cultures and endless stories. Here, temples, medieval castles, ancient estates intertwine with magical stories, scents of nature, patterns of traditional clothing of various peoples, their cultures, penetrating into each other. And although they exist simultaneously, they retain their identity.

We can be proud of our country, discover it for ourselves and tourists. After all, there is an invisible and incorruptible sense of freedom; sincerity, depth of world view; intellectuality and beauty of a whole nation. Ukraine is a unique country; and it is worth to know it better!

Ukrainian cuisine is inspiring! And Bessarabian cuisine fills, inspires and sparks off! After you try the exquisite combinations of different tastes of southern cuisine, it is impossible not to fall in love with it!

Here is the Black Sea with a gourmet flounder and sagran, goatfish and rapanas, mussels. Here the waters of the Dniester and the Danube rivers are full of delicious fish and crayfish. In the “Ukrainian Venice”, in Vilkovo, frog’s legs are skillfully prepared, and somewhere near the village of Krinichnoe delicious grape snails are harvested.

Fine wines of our own traditional production, Moldavian tasty hominy with cheese and meat, Bulgarian milina, traditional Ukrainian borsch, Jewish minced meat and lipovan savory royal fish soup. The sea of ​​dishes and flavors is not listed, everyone will find something special for themselves.

Bessarabian cuisine is the best Ukrainian seafood and worthy wine! Enjoy every moment! Enjoy your meal!!!!

Why are we?

Green tourism

Izmail lakes are a unique place in Bessarabia’s wildlife.

Dive into the world of wildlife in the Danube region. See rare wild animals and birds, rest from the noise of the city, boating or fishing.

The  Landscape Park “Izmail Islands” is the three amazing islands where the unique island ecosystem in the Danube Delta has been preserved with a peculiar landscape, flora and fauna. Here you can see various animals, such as wild boar, fox, otter, raccoon dog, badger; rare birds and enjoy unity with nature.

Gastronomic tourism

Izmail as the focus of the Bessarabian gastronomic traditions.

Try Moldavian hominy or burgundy with exquisite Moldavian wine, Bulgarian milina, traditional cheese dishes, Jewish forshmak, Ukrainian borsch, delicious Bessarabian seafood dishes and royal fish soup on a fire. The colorful cuisine will satisfy any gastronomic critics.

Sports tourism

Izmail is not only a city of cozy rest, but also an active sports life.

Championships in volleyball, football or tennis, cycling marathons or pure extreme thanks to kayaking, windsurfing or yachting. All this can be found here. Fill yourself with various impressions, connect sport with relaxation!

Ethnic tourism

Izmaill is the center of a combination of many cultures, an ethno-colorful corner of Bessarabia.

Get acquainted with the traditions of different nations, with ancient customs and beliefs. Here you can see how to produce wine according to ancient methods, how to do weaving and pottery, embroidery and other crafts.

Ethno-colorful region will fill you with new ideas, transfer you to the times of the past and discover your magical secrets. Mystical stories – an unprecedented storytailing is waiting for you here.