Restaurant of modern southern cuisine.
We work so, that here and now, you choose the best seafood and meat, decent wine and cocktails, spend time with pleasure and feel how tasty and rich it can be every moment.
We have rooms for banquets, receptions, family and corporate events for 20 and 75 guests, as well as a terrace for 100 guests.
Always welcome guests with children.
We have a playground for kids.

Address: 62, Shevchenka str., Izmail
Phone number:         +38067 957 31 31
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:00 a.m 01:00 a.m


«MARLIN» Restaurant in Izmail suits for those who keep up with the latest culinary trends, who really appreciate the harmony of taste, freshness of approach and high standards of cooking. Here you will definitely discover the full range of Pan-Asian cuisine and enjoy the perfection of the taste of traditional Japanese dishes. Also, our smoky hookahs for every taste from MANU hookah network will help you to relax. The sincere hospitality of the staff of the “MARLIN” restaurant, three halls designed in a modern hi-tech style with lounge areas, light music will create an atmosphere of pleasure and relaxation for you. And it does not matter whether it’s a romantic date, rest with friends or business negotiations with partners. «MARLIN» Restaurant is an ideal place for your leisure time.

Address: 8, Sadova str., Izmail
Phone number :     +380960637772; +380685225787
Site :


Michurin Restaurant in Izmail has been considered to be an outstanding place in the city for a year. As here we every day rejoice our guests with delicious culinary creatures and create an unforgettable atmosphere of good mood and relaxation. Our cuisine is so diverse and organic that even the most demanding gourmet will appreciate the efforts of our cooks. . No banquet can be without firm dishes of the «Michurin» restaurant: grilled mix and stuffed curd in creamy mushroom sauce. Here you can enjoy live music performed by the vocalist of the restaurant “Michurin”. We work every day from 10.00 to 00.00.

Address: 11, Michurina str., Izmail
Phone number:  +38068 889 72 27;   +38050 963 04 44

Dream Life

Lounge Zone and Dream Life restaurant present delicious European and Japanese cuisines, American cuisine, adapted to the principles of healthy eating, and also offers  a special menu of proper nutrition for those, who seeks to maintain their health and good physical shape. In the menu of proper nutrition there are dishes with a calculated calorie level of products, the ratio of protein-fats and carbohydrates.

The exceptional quality of products, originality of recipes, masterly cooking and the unique taste of dishes – on these principles  the entire restaurant chain DREAM LIFE works.

Address: 3e, Gagarina str., Izmail
Phone number:  +380682225122


This place is crowded, noisy with fun and enjoyment. There is a thick aroma of spices, parmesan, baking, coffee and new ideas. Just from the threshold you can meet friends and your favorite chefs who will wave you from the open kitchen and be sure to be fed something very tasty.
Everything should be of high quality in a restaurant: food, atmosphere and soul. Parmezan is a home with fine traditions in business lunches and friendly dinners with a glass of good wine and an excellent menu. This is the place where you feel yourself comfortable and have a good time.

Address: Izmail, Myru ave., 34
Phone number: +380970950095
Instagram: @restaurant.parmezan
Facebook: @restaurant.parmezan

Filin Gastro Bar

FiliN offers tasty dishes and drinks, warms up and entertains.
The most beautiful people of the city. Cocktails. Muted light. Glasses. Conversations. A loud laugh.
The menu includes American, European and Japanese cuisine.
FiliN is a place where guests come to eat delicious food, and stay late to have fun singing.

Address: Izmail, ul. Osipenko 63
Phone: +380 68 129 7975
Facebook page: @


Hinckalnya is a unique format for the Georgian restaurant’s hospitality restaurant, whose main component of success is truly delicious and inexpensive food. The menu of the restaurant is simple and clear: hinkali, khachapuri of three kinds, dishes on a grill, kharcho, lots of vegetables and greens, Homemade wine.
The basis of the corporate style of Hinkalnya is an ancient pattern of Georgian embroidery, its elements used in the design of the menu and the room. Furniture transformers and outdated screens allow you to quickly adapt the place to the big table companies in the evening and the afternoon dinner.

Address: Izmail, Myru Ave., 26
Opening hours:
Mon-Frid: 10:00 a.m – 22:00 p.m
Sat-Sun: 11:00 a.m – 23:00 p.m


The restaurant and karaoke club Zeytun is an institution of European and Caucasian cuisines, where visitors can relax in the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant or on the terrace and try various dishes on the Saj and on the grill. Hookah lovers can experience hookahs on bowls and fruits. Every day there is a karaoke club where everyone can relax with the company and enjoy the music.

Address: Izmail, st. Transportnikov, 35a
Opening hours: around the clock
Phones: +380 983455577 +380 932576777