Branding of sub-region: Danube region will get its brand!

On November 16, under the Program for the Development of Tourism and Resorts of the Odesa Region, a working meeting on branding of subregions was held. Thanks to marketing professionals, namely, Tatyana Zhdanova and her team, a real brainstorming and effective work of the teams of the subregions was held!

Branding is not just a logo, but a whole strategy of development and promotion. This is a crucial step forward, a step to popularize our land and attract tourists! Today, areas, territorial communities and individual destinations are beginning to engage in strategic planning and marketing.

The working meeting was held in the format of group work, where representatives of the Danube region discussed the features and tourist potential of the Danube region, highlighting the most important, the most important. The Danube subregion is a combination of history, culture, ethnicity, traditions and cuisine; it is a unique territory of the confluence of borders and the contact of different worlds. So, we have identified the main social group – challengers, tourists, in search of active and intense rest. The tourist product is diversity, and the mission is to connect worlds.

The result of the work was the writing of technical specifications for the development of regional brands. Several hours of effective work, new knowledge, new views became the basis for the subsequent active work on the promotion of subregions. Further creation of routes, development of strategies for promotion and much more.

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