Enogastronomic tourism of Odesa region or start of creation of the national system of gastronomic roads of Ukraine

On March 18, 2019, a round table was held in Odesa, within the framework of the pilot project “Roads of Wine and Taste of Bessarabia”, which will operate according to European norms and standards. Many issues of quality, certification, difficulties with the promotion of wine and gastronomy products for small entrepreneurs, etc. were considered.

Within the framework of the event, a memorandum was signed between the EU project and the NTOU on the implementation of the fourth component of the project, namely the development of the National Gastronomic Road System and the creation of an information resource www.winetasteroutes.ua.

Based on international experience, gastronomic routes are divided into Wines Roads, Roads of Taste, Roads of Wine and Taste. They serve as tools for the creation and commercialization of enogastronomic routes, as a tourist offer. Therefore, their introduction, promotion and development are important for the tourist potential of destinations.

Izmail, namely the representatives of the Izmail city council together with the wine makers of the city, took part in the round table and joined the working group on the development of the enogastronomic route in the Odesa region and Ukraine.

Results of the meeting were:

  1. Creation of an initiative working group for the implementation of the pilot project “Roads of Wine and Taste of Bessarabia” in accordance with European norms and standards.
  2. Decision on the development of a national information portal Wines and Taste of Ukraine as a marketing tool for international promotion of regional enogastronomic tourism products.
  3. The proposed state-private partnership for the development of territories.

The project is large and ambitious, and only by combining efforts, the region can be represented on the world-wide maps of Enotourism. The next meeting is scheduled on April 9-10.

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