Embankment of the Danube river

From it the city begins. Here you can enjoy the charming view of the Danube, see the neighboring Romania, relax on comfortable benches. At night, lanterns throughout the waterfront create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. This is a great place to relax with family and friends. There is a cafe, live music and plenty of space for skiing and games.

Monument to the Danube sailors

Monument to the Danube sailors of the Danube military flotilla is a boat that quickly overcomes a large wave. To date, this is a symbol of the courage of the Danube sailors, who bravely defended the lands of Bessarabia from the Nazi occupiers.

Izmail art gallery

The art gallery has a rich collection of art objects from various historical periods. It presents the art of the peoples of the East, Ukrainian and Russian art of the XVII – XXI centuries, Western European art of the XVI-XIX centuries, Iconography and subjects of cults. The exhibitions present the masterpieces of world art from the collections of the famous museums of Moldova, Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries, Italy, Germany and many other countries of the world. For 30 years, the gallery has been visited by more than two million viewers, more than 600 art exhibitions have been opened.

Sviato-Pokrovskii Cathedral

According to historians, the cathedral was built on the site of an old wooden church built back in Turkish times. The author of the architectural project of the cathedral was Avraham Ivanovych Melnikov, a professor of architecture and the rector of the Academy of Arts in Moscow. Wall painting was conducted by artist Pavel Piskarev. On the walls of the cathedral there are paintings by sketches of Vasnetsov himself.

Historical Museum of O.V. Suvorov

The museum is an architectural monument of the XIX century. According to the wealth of stock collections, it occupies a significant place among the museums of the Odessa region and Ukraine. The collection is based on a collection reflecting the military-historical specifics of the museum. These are units of uniforms, equipment of the Western European, Soviet and Ukrainian armies of the XVII-XXI centuries. Interesting works of battle paintings, drawings, sculptures are also included.

Diorama ``Assault of the fortress of Izmail``

A small domed mosque is a model of Muslim architecture. This is the only building that is preserved from the Turkish fortress. Diorama, which is a panaromic art monument dedicated to the glorious assault on the fortress of Ishmael. It was created by Studio named after M B. Grekov and is a canvas with a length of 20 meters and a height of 8 meters.